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Is there a Whatsapp marketing tool?

Whatsapp users and engagement has been growing at an unprecedented rate over the years. Everyone is looking for ways to tap into this huge marketing area. Whatsapp marketing is a new concept which marketers are exploring to the fullest now.

It would be unwise for a marketer to not take advantage of this platform for their marketing needs.

For such marketers who wish to send Bulk messages to a list of clients, there is a great script that I have created.

Here is a demo of the Whatsapp marketing tool in action.

As you can see, you can send CUSTOM bulk messages to a wide range of audience.

Whatsapp Marketing tool Features: –

Whatsapp Marketing


1. Bulk message sending: –

You can send messages to ALL your Whatsapp contacts. No need to worry about anything. Just create a database file with the names/contact numbers of all the people you wish to send messages to. Yes, you read that right, contact number AND contact name. Both work.

2. Send custom text: –

The feature that separates this script from the rest in the market is that you can send CUSTOM text in your fields for your clients. You do not need to worry about changing the client name or location for each message. The script takes care of all all that. Simply input the fields which you wish to modify in the message. The script takes care of the rest.

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3. Account blocking Prevention: –

The main advantage of using the tool is that you will not be marked as spam by Whatsapp. Since the tool works on the official Whatsapp Web and mimics a HUMAN user, you can rest assured that your account won’t be blocked as long as you are not marked as spam by the customers.

4. CRM integration: –

No need to go about creating thousands of files and sorting and manipulating them in different ways to get it to work for your marketing needs. Just export the list of contacts from your CRM database. If the contacts are added in your whatsapp contacts, you can send message to them immediately.

5. Run it and forget it: –

Just make sure to have a good connection of your phone as well as your computer. Once that is made sure of, you can just run the script and let the work be done in the background. Continue doing whatever else you were doing.

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6. Custom text fields: –

You can add up to 10 custom variables which can be edited in the message file. Just simple select the text you wish to replace in the message and the script will do the rest.

7. Custom message templates: –

If you run a company which sells many products. You need not worry, there is a solution for that. Just create a message template using any text editor such as Notepad. Then save the template and specify the file name in the database. You can now send different message templates to different clients with custom fields none the less.

What more can you ask from a marketing script?

8. Pricing and further details: –

To know more about the script and its pricing, drop a comment on the following video on YouTube or on this page and I will get in touch with you:-

Take care!

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  1. Can you send me price of this software and also it is possible to send to any number even received number not save my number?

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