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Instagram Follower Script

If you liked the Instagram follower script video, you can get the code from below. Just copy paste the code and save the file as a JavaScript file. Open up Notepad or any of your favorite text editor and paste the following code. Then save the file with a name such as “Instagram-follow.js”.

After you have saved the file, you can just run the code in iMacros window and you will be good to go.

Save this script in My Documents>iMacros>Macros folder.

var code="CODE:";
var n = parseInt(prompt("Enter the number of people to follow..."));
code+="WAIT SECONDS=2\n";
for(i=1;i<=n;i++) { code+="TAG POS=1 TYPE=BUTTON ATTR=TXT:Follow\n"; if(i>2&&(i%4!=0))
code+="EVENT TYPE=KEYPRESS SELECTOR=\"div._4gt3b\" KEY=40\n";
code+="WAIT SECONDS=15\n";

alert("Successfully followed "+n+" people!");

Note:- You will require Mozilla Firefox and the extension iMacros installed for this script to work.

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