You become what you consume

The title might sound weird and might sound obvious to some. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Let’s have a look at how the mind and the body work so that we can understand what consuming means and how it shapes your life. How the body works If you eat a …

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Stop over-thinking
How to stop over-thinking?

After the end of this article, these are the things you will have learnt about over-thinking: – 1. Why you over-thinking. 2. How over-thinking affects your life. 3. What to do to stop over-thinking. With that being said, this is NOT a quick fix method where you can expect results in a day or two. …

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Rubber band method
How do I learn the rubber band method?

Hello fellow readers! In this article, you will be learning what exactly is the Rubber band method. You will learn how you can use this method to overcome all negative thoughts, patterns and behaviors. Have you ever wanted to get rid of all the negative emotions that you have? Did you ever found yourself procrastinating …

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Writing a daily Journal
How to take control of my life with a journal?

It is normal for almost everyone to lose track of life and just flow with it.

What writing a journal does is that it makes you the MASTER OF YOUR LIFE. Read this article to see the benefits of writing a daily journal and how you can start writing one today.

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